Stupidity is funny

Posted at May 5, 2009 4:44 pm

Am I the only person who enjoys reading the "talkback" on Jpost and Yahoo news groups? It’s sort of like biting a tongue blister; it hurts but you can’t stop doing it.  My favorites are the semi-coherent ones, the ones which begin with all capital letters and end by invoking God’s wrath or prayers for the coming of the Messiah.  Why is it that the more right-wing the writer is, the less his posts make sense? I don’t always agree with liberal commentators, but at least they can put together a sentence. 
Except for the following poor schlimazel whose entry made me wheeze a little:
He wrote:
"That is why religion should never be a limpness test for elected office in the United States."

That wasn’t a spell-check problem, my friends.  
Now I agree with what the guy was trying to say.  But I can’t seem to get past the "limpness."

Oh, and Dinah, please don’t post "that’s what she said" under this entry.  Because I know that I just invited that.

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