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Posted at Jun 14, 2007 11:57 am

Relates to me in the sense that I keep posting and I have nothing to say.  Agent wrote back at 5 AM. I knew because my phone beeped at 5 AM (I’ve rigged my phone so that when she emails me it beeps.) So I read her email (it was very nice- basically saying that she resubmitted to Agent #1 and submitted to agent #2 who hasn’t read the original yet.) The I fell asleep and dreamed that she sent me another email requesting that I clarify the homosexual subplot of the novel. And I stared at this email thinking in a dream-like fog, “Wait- there is no gay subplot—-Is there?”  Then I woke up and was very confused. I am very very odd.

I traded manuscripts with a friend of mine. She read through the first chapter and said that there was no clear hook- or rather, it came too late in the first chapter. (Page  12 or13) Should restructure it. I plan to stare at the ceiling and moan softly for several days. Looking over it- I agree with her but have no intention of doing anything for a little while. Too tired.  If I look at those words one more time I will start seeing a gay subplot, and possibly cryptic warnings about an upcoming alien invasion. Both strangely out of place in a Victorian novel- unless of course the writer is Oscar Wilde or H.G. Wells..

Ok that’s enough.  


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