The Hound of the Baskervilles Russian version with Livanov

Posted at Apr 23, 2007 5:08 pm

Just watched Hound in Russian. A real treat for me as Russian is my native language so the english subtitles were for the most part unnecessary.
My review: Watson was phenomenal, the best Watson I have ever seen. reserved, warm and intelligent- but not outshining Holmes.
Holmes was good- my third favorite portrayal actually, but I thought him a little old and not quite thin enough. Still, his manner was perfect and I liked the grainy high timbre of his voice.
Some of the supporting cast were actually painful to watch. Dr. Mortimer- what was that guy smoking? And Henry Baskerville- I found myself sympathising with Stapleton- that lunatic needed to be bumped off.
The music was really weird- half russian march half bippy-di-bop 60s techno? I couldn’t quite place it but some good scenes were ruined by the inappropriate score. 
and my favorite scene in HOUND was absolutely ruined- but then none of the film versions I have seen have done it right. I am still waiting for the actor who can do credit to that powerful “A beard A beard! The man has a beard” scene.  No one seems willing to “dance, laugh and wring Watson’s hand”
Ah well.The ending made me laugh – where Mrs. Barrymore is spoon-feeding an ailing Henry Baskerville some kasha and cooing over him like a mother hen. It’s is so distinctly Russian that I was laughing so hard I cried. You have to have grown up with that to get it.
I mailed it to my mom as a Mother’s Day gift- she will get a kick out of it

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