The revision is done and sent off!

Posted at Mar 3, 2008 10:53 pm

 And now to wait… and rock back and forth like a crazy person.
I know I had written that I was done last week but I hadn’t expected my husband to say,
 “The beginning is uninspired and I have no idea what is driving your character.”
so this week I tore out some more hair, rewrote the beginning for  the fiftieth time and gave it back to him yesterday. I got my stamp of approval (and the compliment- “Now that’s a book) and it went off today.
I am giddy from lack of sleep and nerves- but now the ball is out of my court and that is something of a relief.
I am actually going to watch TV- something I haven’t done in weeks and relax (another thing I haven’t done in weeks)
Wish me luck.

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