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Posted at Feb 10, 2009 12:58 pm

1) Oh my God my daughter went to see Twilight with her friends and liked it and I don’t know what is happening…  Does noble brainwashing and literary snobbiness mean NOTHING anymore? I have failed, utterly failed….

2) In other news, I am in my second week of "re-training" at Hadassa. I have already been trained, so I must admit to a little resentment.  This sudden return to residency, (better hours, far worse pay, no autonomy) is only for three months, though, and the other residents are fun to work with.  There seems to be a different sort of philosophy to patient care at Hadassa than I am used to, involving wait times that are so long that the patients convince themselves that they feel better and beg you to let them go home.  And in the meantime lots of labs are drawn, just ‘cuz.  But the level of medical knowledge is quite high, even amongst the most junior residents and the availability of services is impressive. I am finding the language barrier to be a little less of an obstacle than I thought it might be. I can understand everything the residents say about patient histories etc, nearly everything that parents say to me and I can make myself understood, in halting and occasionally ungrammatical phrases. I hate the fact that putting in IVs and drawing blood is the doc’s job (in the States the nurses do that).  It’s inefficient and adds nothing to resident learning. 

3) Elections are tomorrow. I have made an honest attempt to understand the parties positions (even the vacillating ones) so that I can be a semi-informed voter tomorrow. Until this year, Israeli politics have been a total mystery to me. They still are, but at least now I know who is running, though in some cases I don’t know why. (do they?)  I just want them to reach a deal for Gilad Shalit already and bring the boy home. It’s been two and a half years…
Oh, and less Shas influence is always a good thing.

4) There has been some terrifying stuff going on with contract negotiations for by book.  Terrifying is really the only word for it. I am having trouble sleeping. Hopefully it will be worked out this week; I really can’t say anything else. I have stopped all revisions though because they are making me ill. I am very worried….but my agent assures me it will be fine…

5) I am reading Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America.  Can’t say I really like it. Really can’t. 

6) We have been house shopping because we have no where to live next year when our rental runs out.  (Landlords are returning from Boston) That’s all I should say about that too.

That’s it for Leah news.  Tune in next week when I will blog about living with children who likes vampire romance stories.  ha

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