They Might Be Giants

Posted at May 1, 2007 11:57 am

I watched They Might Be Giants today.  SPOILER after this- don’t read if you plan to watch it.
Ummm— very interesting. Once you get used to the fact that nothing in the movie is supposed to make sense, in keeping with the premise of an insane central character (a former judge who lost his mind and thinks he is Sherlock Holmes), it is fun to watch.  If you know anything about psychiatry it makes it even more fun- the rare phenomenon ‘folie a deaux’  is shown here. (A delusion shared by two people) Only in this case crazy “Mr Holmes” has a whole city of loonies following him around and trashing supermarkets in the name of mad justice.  And his psychiatrist, Mildred Watson, is first put off and then turned on by his madness. They end up standing on a train track staring into a tunnel convinced that Moriarty is coming for them. It’s just a train though. Shame.  Still they find love for that moment on that railroad in NY before the train gets them.  The scary thing is- I think I understand Mildred Watson, after all. There was something glorious in it all.
I don’t want anyone to read this and get the wrong idea. I have no intention of meeting a Moriarty disguised as a train. If I am ever unfortunately terminated by a large locomotive it will be either an accident or murder . I just wanted to go on record saying that. 🙂
Now that I have cleared up I shall go take care of my children.

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