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Posted at May 17, 2009 10:10 am

Because I have no patients today. And so I am staring at the computer and thinking— why not post something?
So, in Leah news:
1) My contract is finally moving forward! Huzzah! There was a legal/artistic difference that needed to be got through but I have seen some really interesting possiblities in the proposed revisions to my novel (the whole "God -closing- a -door- and- opening-a -window" bit) and am quite excited. I expect that because of the delay the pub date will be pushed off a bit. It was originally supposed to be fall 2010 but I can’t imagine that is still feasible. Or maybe it is… we shall see.
2) I am working in Mevasseret and in Nes Zionna and am actually not hating it. Which is quite different than my feelings about the three months of hospital work. But then, I just got my independence and authority back and it feels good. 
3) Yesterday I read Andrew Clement’s middle grade novel "The Report Card" and I really enjoyed it. The narrator was interesting (if a little over-confident) and the writing was good. My children have brought so many bad middle grade novels home it was refreshing to actually see a well-written one.
4) I am desperately in need of book suggestions.  I have plumbed our little library here and am tired of leaving empty handed.  I have RJ Anderson’s "Knife" and Laurie King’s "The Language of Bees" waiting for me next week when my husband brings them from the states but until then I am yearning. Won’t someone lend me something fabulous? PLeeeeease?
5) PRISON BREAK FINALE TONIGHT!!! No further commentary necessary…
6)  My oldest daughter has suddenly turned into a book-worm.  She devoured Gone With the Wind in a week, fell in love with Rhett Butler, as all young girls must, and is now going through the rest of my "romantic" books.  The Count of Monte Cristo didn’t interest her but Camille did. Do I detect a sappy love story trend?  Camille is very well written but I have trouble relating to a main male character who sobs his way through the entire novel.  Rhett Butler would have wiped the floor with him.
7) We have signed a rental contract on a new apartment on Yehuda street. Corner of Buchman and Givah C – hopefully the best of both worlds. 
8) I have no idea why I numbered this entry. 
9) I’m still doing it.
10) להתראות ושבוע טוב 

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