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Posted at Nov 19, 2008 11:52 am

(Thanks J. Doshna for posting it on Facebook)
I laughed for a very long time. I really am proud to be an American, really, but sometimes…
Joe the plumber, indeed.

I am reading The Year of Wonders and am really enjoying it. Geraldine Brooks has a richness and depth to her writing that makes her historical novels come alive. I had already ready read The People of the Book and was a little under-whelmed. But this narrative about an English village during the Plague of 1666 is both fascinating and heart-breaking. I will be sorry to finish it.

We have finished season 1 of Prison Break and are taking a little break. Enough Michael Scoffield, for now. (But I am planning to watch the Human Stain sometime this week. ‘cuz Wentworth Miller is in it, apparently. And me needs to see dat. tee-hee)

It’s a warm, dry evening in Modiin; the air still smells of the flowers blooming on our mirpesset. Right now my husband is chatting with my cousin in Hebrew, my oldest daughter is singing snatches of broadway songs, my middle one is crocheting a purse and my little one is speaking “Sunny” language (her invented Hebraic burble) to her stuffed animals. God’s in his Heaven; all’s right with the world.

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