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Posted at Oct 27, 2008 4:07 pm

MMM…. the voices are back, baby!
I can hear that clip-clop sound again… I have started revising. I completely re-wrote a difficult scene which I once thought was perfect and then on re-read (after the 6 month dry spell) caused me to make dramatic gagging sounds over the computer. More convoluted sentences slashed. The entire scene went, actually and I only kept a sentence. The good news… it actually has real emotional tension now. I finally transferred my character’s frustration from my head (what.. you can’t hear it when it’s in there?) to the page.
In other news:
My husband is in the states and should be finished his pediatric boards by now. Woot!!!

and now for a segment i like to call:
Things that make Leah’s SKIN CRAWL
1) People who sit in ulpan and complain about the nuances of a foreign language to the teacher.
My response: no one said it would be easy. and have you ever considered how impossible English is? Or that half of spoken modern Hebrew didn’t even exist 80 years ago and NO ONE spoke it?
so get over it.
Actually there is no #2.
I just wanted to gripe about that first thing.

I ordered three books about victorian servants from amazon. The research I did last year has faded a bit and I need a refresher. International shipping is a b****, though.

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