Posted at Nov 26, 2008 11:19 am

Sometimes it feels like I am just passing time until my life begins… and occasionally I find that I actually enjoy that “in-between” feeling. At this stage I am waiting for two events to occur: 1) The granting of my license to work in Israel and 2) My contract from Disney and my first editor’s letter.
I already signed the contract with the Doyle estate and am (a little impatiently) awaiting the next step. And although I can’t wait to really get into the revision stage, I am enjoying the respite a little. Writing is both exhilarating and exhausting and I usually do not have the self-control to stop at a reasonable time, say, at 11 PM or midnight. So that brings me to that 3 AM spot, drowsing fitfully face-down on the sofa after feverishly typing bits of sense and gibberish for hours. Seemingly minutes later I groan awake to cranky children and an even crankier self and send them off to school with the uncomfortable sense that I was less than the model mother that morning. I made a promise to my girls that I would only write after they were asleep and that leaves me with very little time. But this is all happy complaining, if there is such a thing.
As for my day job: honestly, I am not relishing the prospect of commuting to Jerusalem to play the role of bewildered resident again. Been there. Done that. (except for the Jerusalem bit) But again… happy complaining.

In the meantime… I am reading a lot (yet another history book about Victorian maidservants)and inhaling Season 2 of Prison Break. And cramming Hebrew into my head. L’Hitraot v’ layla tov.

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