Watched Crash last night

Posted at Apr 29, 2007 6:16 pm

Finally got around to watching the Oscar winner for this year. It was certainly worth it. A beautifully crafted movie- depicting racial tension and it’s effect on all classes and races. I particularly enjoyed Matt Dillon’s character- the typical bad cop who gets the opportunity to save the life of a woman he wronged.  In his first scene he pulls a black couple over and subjects the woman to a humiliating and unnecessary “pat down.” Several scenes later that same woman is trapped in a overturned car and Dillon is the first on the scene. He pulls her from the wreckage just before the car explodes.  What I especially appreciated is that the movie writers resisted the impulse to “make it all OK” at the end. As the other cops pull the lady away to the ambulance Dillon and she look back at eachother with confused expressions as if neither knows what to make of the situation.  There are no weepy “thank you”s, no abject apologies, nothing.  Their story ends there- in that weird gray area between good and evil. I loved that. It leaves the audience wondering- was this his atonement? Is that even a possibility or can there be no reparation for his violation of her dignity?  What would I feel if I were her?  
It generated some lively discussion between my husband and me.   
As for the userpic- I don’t normally download Jeremy Brett pics because I am not a fan (at all) but that one was perfect. Couldn’t help myself.

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