Posted at Aug 13, 2007 11:00 am

I am in Rochester NY with the kids for a family wedding. My husband’s sister got married and the wedding was yesterday afernoon. It was a lovely boisterous wild affair, like most orthodox Jewish weddings and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  My husband went back to Atlanta this morning (the life of a resident) and I am staying on a couple of extra days with the kids.  One sheva bracha tonite and head back tomorrow.  I met the groom the day before the wedding and was so happy to see that all the wonderful things I had heard were indeed true.  I believe that everything about  a person can often be judged by a single look into their eyes- some people exude sourness and criticism from their features and others just beam goodwill. As cheesy as all of that sounds- I could see immediately from his sweet expression and the way he looked at his bride that my sister-in law was so fortunate in her choice. 
Last night went out to Friendly’s with brother-inlaw/ his wife/his friend and my husband.  Much ice-cream and fun had by all
Before I type out more details which are interesting to me and boring to the rest of the world (God spare me from more conversations on the trials of shoe-shopping for infants- I would never wish to be accused of inflicting such an account on anyone) I will head off. 
No word yet about book. (of course. I wouldn’t be writing all this drivel if there was)
I bought a CD of Philip Glass’s score for the Illusionist. HEAVEN

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