Weird unemployment

Posted at Dec 2, 2008 7:15 am

Well,I got my Israeli license yesterday. But let’s hold the congratulations, shall we?
I have to do a 3 month training process in a hospital before I am licensed to work as a pediatrician (so the license which I now have ironically only allows me to work as a GP and see adults, which I am NOT qualified to do)
So I called Hadassah today, all excited about starting work (perhaps this week?) and was told that I have to arrange my salary and malpractice with the Misrad Haklita. I immediately called them and was informed that they had “run out” of money and could not pay for me or my insurance. Morever, they had no idea when more money was coming. Perhaps another few months. Nobody knew.


There it is.
There will be no saccharine Zionistic musings coming from me today.
The ironic thing is that we are talking about a sum of about $2000 a month. This includes my insurance AND salary. I get $1000 per month during this 3 month period, not enough to pay for rent.

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