what an amazing day!!!

Posted at Apr 26, 2007 6:09 pm

Where do I start?
You know how weeks can go by with nothing to report and then suddenly in one day—
1) Got a call from my agent today. (I love saying that) She said that she sent my book to two YA editors and one really likes the writing and is going to show it to her boss. Some stuff may need to be tweeked for the YA audience (soften the “coke”references)  It’s definitely not an offer yet but it’s good news. She wanted to confirm with me that I intended to write a sequel (YESS!!!!) and also find out about my writing history (NONE!!!) Ack. The other editor hasn’t gotten back to her yet. It’s only been a month so I am very encouraged.
2) Went out to dinner with the applicant for the pediatrician job at my office. It was great- I already knew I liked her but now my boss and office manager like her as well. The food was good too. ( I’m always nervous when I go to a kosher restaurant with people who don’t keep kosher because I am embarassed if they are disappointed. )
3) My sister Tammy has decided to go to college at Emory (Oxford branch) so she will be very close come August.  My kids are thrilled (they adore her) Can you say “built-in babysitting?”  I know I know- I swear I won ‘t abuse her. I swear.
Anyway— I am giddy.
Better run some of that energy off on my treadmill. (I’m running 4 miles a day now.)

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