Writer’s Block: Your Dream Dinner

Posted at Jul 11, 2008 3:08 pm in

 I don’t normally answer the LJ writer’s block questions but I like this meme. Also I’ve given it a lot of thought. Alive or dead is too broad, though. Alive:  Stephen Colbert, if my husband and his wife could come along (otherwise it would be too weird). Dead person:  Can we eliminate Biblical? I mean Joseph or Moses are the obvious answers if we could go back that far.  But if we stick to people who speak English from the last 200 years my pick is Mark Twain.
 Where would we eat? It depends: am I keeping kosher that day? If not – I will take any restaurant in Paris (suggestions welcome), or perhaps that restaurant in NY which revolves. If we are keeping kosher- Novellino’s in London.  

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