writing again

Posted at May 3, 2007 10:07 am

I started writing again- after a five month hiatus during which i whined a good deal about needing to do the research first, etc etc Well, if I waited until i finished every one of the god-awful boring volumes that I hauled home from emory I wouldn’t start until next year. So I will do as I did for the last- simultaneous writing and research. It felt GOOD. Really good to get behind my laptop again. On a bittersweet note- my daughter came over to me as I was writing and appeared sad that I had started my sequel. She said that she felt I had spent to much time on the computer while I was working on the first. I promised her, as I promised my husband that writing will be limited to ONLY the hours when they are asleep. (or at school) She seemed reassured. I really did try not to work on The Hartfield Affair while the kids needed me- but i guess she still felt it. Well, I have to try harder.
Back to my patients.

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