Writing outside of the outline

Posted at Oct 30, 2007 12:28 am

Well, I’m writing out of order now, mostly because I am still too research-deficient to write linearly.  East End 1888 (by Fishman) is proving to be a real bear to get through.  Also  I really felt I was living in the English country home when I wrote the first novel but I still can’t smell the East End. (refuse and fried fish, I know, but I want so much more) 
But I had this great idea in the middle of the day so I dropped everything and started writing before the kids were in bed- which is sort of against my personal rules but oh well. Well four hours and 1200 words later I get to the punch line of the scene, write it down, read it out loud and then fall off the bed.  Because it was that bad.   Another  sad case of something sounding way better  in my head than anywhere else.
So three hours after that point I am finally satisfied and very tired.  1600 words is not bad for seven hours.  Hopefully they were the right 1600 words, because as it stands the scene I’ve written doesn’t actually fit into my outline anywhere. But I had a lot of fun

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